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I belong here with you tonight....

Like bein' in love to feel for the first time

Skylar Veronica <3's Ryne
Feelin' in like all over again....

Skylar. Loves High School Musical and Harry Potter. Fanfiction addict.
Nick Jonas and Ryne Sanborn are her lovers! ♥
She's the captain of the intermidiate color guard.
She's choregraphing the HSM2 show for the Dinner Theatre show.
She has a big wooden rifle in her garage. 'Nuff Said.

Jelsi (Jason/Kelsi) is her OTP. Followed by Troypay and Lavender/Seamus.
She used to love Ryella, but can't ship them anymore because of her Vanessa dislike.

She really looks up to Ashley Tisdale and Oleysa Rulin. They are her role models. :)

She HATES VANESSA HUDGENS. She didn't like her during HSM but hates her after the nudie pics!

She isn't sure if she's still going to Hannah/Jobros in November. *cries*

She met Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, and Jordin Sparks on 9/11/07!

Feel free to friend!

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Silence Is Golden, I Choose Noise.
-- Blake Lewis